Thursday, August 27, 2009


Natey Fresh

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This guy's one of my favorite people kids. FRESH as it gets I would like to introduce you to Jesty Beatz!

Natey Fresh

Monday, August 17, 2009

A couple of my remix tracks!!!

Hope you like it!

Natey Fresh

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Not huge on the scene but still FRESH like no other. Stay on the lookout for him!

Natey Fresh

New video from SHWAYZE YESSIR!!

This fall their new album drops and I am pumped like crazy!

Natey Fresh

Thursday, August 13, 2009

One of the freshest flicks on the scene!

Ive never seen this movie till now and let me say... This movie is one of the FRESHest things, I have ever seen.. In.. My ...LIFE!!

Natey Fresh

Wednesday, August 12, 2009



This shirt is commemorative of Kid Cudi's signature title of: "Man On The Moon." The shirt is dark and provides more of a deep feel. The feel of dark, deep thought is made even more real by Cudi's image. for me the appearance of Kid lost in thought next to the moon shows he is The Man In The Moon.

I don't know about you guys buy I will be copping one of these ASAP!

Cop this!!!



First Mr. Hudson shows up with a crazy video with Kanye, now hes got a new single with Kid Cudi up on it?... FRESH.

Natey Fresh

New Video From T.I.!!

This track lets all of you know that: T.I. Is gonna get out and when he does, hes coming to take the game back kids!

Natey Fresh

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another "Jerkin" Music video??

If you remember a little while back, I made an artice about "Youre A Jerk" by The New Boyz. Well it looks like Jerkin isnt done yet seeing how Audio Push has taken this to a new level.. Showing off Jerkin accompied with actually FRESH clothing instead of Hottopic swag and actual steps. After seeing this video I started Jerk Dancing and I will admit, it is actually pretty tight.

I still want to know, what do you guys think this dance looks like though soo.. Play nice? or Jerk!

CHECK OUT Audio Push!!


Kid Cudi and artist get down to business!

For me this gives me great hope to look forward to
collaborating with the big names using my art in the future. When I say "collaborating with big names" I don't just mean to collaborate with famous people.. I mean to collaborate with people, that have the same artistic soul. See we have Cudi here, now he is someone who talks about legit stuff and isn't afraid to rep what he believes in while getting FRESH. To all us dreamers and artists out there.. Keep Dreaming, Keep Proceeding and soon enough... We'll all be Succeeding.

Natey Fresh

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Art from Natey Fresh

This piece is something I did recently, straight from my emotions. The inspiration came from whats been going on in my life, accompanied by the new track by Kid Cudi - "Solo Dolo." This picture represents a FRESHKID standing up in his clouds (sort of like how a dreamer always has his heads in the clouds.) Next to two essential things to a FRESHKIDS fun, representing his happiness. (not saying things are the only things that make FRESHKIDS happy.) Then the words in the picture are being blown from the creature in the upper left hand corner I like to call The Hater.

Basically this picture represents, what problems that might be being thrown at a lonely person or in this case someone whose Solo Dolo.

Here is the track "Solo dolo"


Puma releases a Soda Pack Of Sneakers??

The Puma - Soda Pack

The Soda Pack is pack of sneakers that consist of two pairs of kicks. The first pair of kicks being: A splash of Sunkist Orange and Dark Blue accompanied by whit

The second pair of sneaks featuring a FRESH splash of close to Forest Green as well as lime green with white and even some Raspberry Red.

Personally I am a big fan of the look of Patent Leather and Leather together, for that shine and base look. To cut this thing to the point... The shoes are HOT and are already said to be a rare find.

Get out there and try to find yourself a pair people!!

Natey Fresh

!Creep Street - The Creepy Burglars TEE!

Creep Street -The Creepy Burglars

Creep Street tee known as ''The Creepy Burglars" is a FRESH top to your swag of the day.

It's obvious where the concept of this shirt came from but execution comes off, much more fly then the fast food chains emblem.

Wendy's underscore to their emblem: "Old Fashioned Hamburgers" is replaced with "Old Fashioned Burglars" This shirts art is something I like to call: Remix Artwork. Which in my definition means: The artist Remixed or manipulated the original work, to make it fit his or her own rendering of the piece.

Music video from Dre Day!!

Check this underground flow kids.