Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Patta is legit!

Natey Fresh

What do you kids think about this vid?!!

A Fan made video for the HYPER CRUSH contest that just ended... What do you think?

Natey Fresh

Friday, July 24, 2009



Thursday, July 23, 2009

King Louie Music Video

Crazy FRESH video from Greedy Genius's Channel on Youtube!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I first fell in love with these FRESHKIDS when a friend of mine told me they were coming into Cleveland and I had no idea who they were. A quick trip to Myspace and Hyper Crush was all I could think about with their hit The Arcade I was hooked. Nowadays Hyper Crush is on tour with Lady Gaga and I wish those kids all the FRESHNESS in the world.

Checkout HYPER CRUSH!!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Altamont Summer Stunna*Wear Pt. 2

Were are back with another, Altamont clothing filled list of FRESH gear. We start this list off with an essential accessory for any hustler to get his or her grind on... a Backpack.


The Altamont satchel isn't like the bag your mom and dad took to school. This pack has a traditional feel incorporated with different material and design.

The baggage is made with a custom trim and as any good luggage for carrying the work, has many pockets. The bag is made from 100% cotton and is available in two colors: Khaki and Army (shown in picture).


Davis 09

So its a hot summer day... Your sick of rockin' your athletics and your tan khakis, have gotten too dirty and your mom wont wash em cause, she says you're old enough to try.. Just then you come across your Altamont Davis 09 shorts!

These shorts come in a few different colors, have a purple emrboiderd waistband also a custom trim kit. pockets, belt loops and etc. Are of course included. To complete the shorts we have the signature Altamont tag at the bottom of the left pant leg, showing you whose responsible for getting this kid fly.

Cop EM!!!

Stacked Logo Chest

The Stacked Logo Chest is another simple, yet crazy fly number from Altamont. The graphic is the Altamont signature text, over the chest (on the right side). The shirt comes in one color (purple as is shown) and has a normal fit. Don't forget that Altamont tag, at the bottom of the shirt.

This tee is just a great shirt for summer coolin out.
It reminds me of surf style from the old school, like the way old skate team shirts looked. Get this shirt and let's mix a little bit of the old school, with new school FRESHNESS.

Get it kids!!

Natey Fresh

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The 7th Letter Clothing - "I Wear Chains That Excite The Feds."

The Seventh Letter Clothing is back, hitting you hard with their tee labeled "I Wear chains To Excite The Feds." The words written on the shirt come from the lyrics of the rapper Nas's song Halftime. The songs excerpt the text come from is read: "Another dose and you might be dead
And I'm a Nike head, I wear chains that excite the feds
And ain't a damn thing gonna change.."
The shirt holds a chain over the text in print giving the illusion your rockin' a chain with a medallion symbol shaped to make "7th". The shirt is fresh and would work perfect for some swag, to hit the mall or just skate through town.

!!Check out this gear!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I know what youre thinking... Who is Check Lotalty Ent.? Well let me explain this to you kids. Check Loyalty Ent. is a production company created by MJK (
Michael J. Kijanski). The team consists of: MJK, BIG LYRICS, (and myself..) NATEY FRESH. The number one rule we live by is, to always be real. Our team uses their talents to create: Music, DJ, Create Art and soon even Manufacture Some Clothing.

We don't back down from our dreams and will always strive for success. Each of us has ran into are share of obsticles but now is our time to shine. Speakng of moving up, MJK has even recently DJ'd in miami for a couple of big named boys. Blowing up quick is evidently in our future. Even though we have allot farther to go, theres no way were gonna slow down. We each come from different fasits of life and we each bring our own thing to the game. Our things we bring include: rapping, writing, mixing or even designing. Coming from Ohio, to show you what you've been missing... Always staying "FRESHER Then The Average." The time for Check loyalty Ent. To take over the game is now... So get ready.. More updates to come.




Monday, July 13, 2009

Altamont Summer Stunna*wear Pt.1


You know you gotta start out your hot sunny day of summer, with your head
chillin' under some FRESH gear. Why not make your lid a stunna fresh cap from Altamont Apparel?

Yeah I know its a fitted cap, whats the big deal..? Well hold up kid because it's not just about the cap its about the print. this lids print sais "Altamont" on the front using their unique style of going at things, to show off their name with a graffiti look. the two levels of text said to me: "Forget about the small text, were too big for one line kid!" Cop this hat to show off your FRESH kids!! In Black, Red or Royal!!


You know you gotta rock a fly t-shirt that matches your cap, when your just chillin' with: the ladies, your boys or on your grind.

The Altamont Unsricbble 2 is a FRESH shirt that feature that classic unique graffiti again but this time its placed over a grey outline. The grey outline for my gives it a more sketched look like paint meets street. The sketchy feel over a FRESH shade of blue makes the graphic pop out at you and make you stop and say: "hold up a sec... This kid looks like, hes rockin' custom swag!" But its not custom its just that real feel we love from Altamont Apparel dude!

Cop this!!

The B. Herman Cord Wilshire's

Personally I like to wair shorts in summer but most of the time I just kick it with some pants on.

So if your feeling what I'm saying, your gonna wanna rock some FRESH slacks, am I right? You know I am so its time to get yourself some B. Herman's! Corduroy, 98% cotton and even come with a coin pocket!

Yeah I said a coin pocket... Now if your about to go ahead and hate and be like: "Who cares about a coin pocket?!" then get the heck out of here!! Its just another way of Altamont showing they know whats up.

Step up your fresh kids and get yourself some B. Hermon's ASAP! (That's A.S.A.P. Meaning: Always Shop Altamont Please!) Upgrade your lower half with THESE!

That's all for this Altamont Summer Stunna*wear Article look forward to more all summer and check out the revolution at Altamont Apparel!!!

Natey Fresh

Friday, July 10, 2009


That is right FRESHKIDS our boy Lupe is back with a new track, from his new album. The name of his new album, is said to be titled: "Lasers" which is much different from the album name he stated would be his last album. The album title that he originally stated would be his last was titled "L-U-P end". Could this mean one of the top FRESHKIDS in the music and fashion world, is not retiring? Lets keep our fingers crossed..

Natey Fresh

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Transformers kicks it old school? (A movie review)

Transformers 2 involved a different feel, then the first. This movie plays out more like an episode of the lovable old school show then, a sequel to last summers block buster.

The new characters of this movie bring plenty of entertainment to this flick but also a dose of stupidity. The new Decepticons include:

Sound Wave
who is a being massive in proportion and takes over a satellite in space, to help relay positions and information.

The Doctor (or Scalpel) Is obviously the medic of the team and is small and reminiscent of a spider.

But most importantly... The Fallen. Not only is the reason for the title Revenge Of The Fallen, but he is also the true leader of the Decepticons. Even Megatron (voiced by Hugo Weaving - The Matrix) bows down to this new boss.

Now there allot of other new Transformers but I don't wanna give away any surprise appearances so Ill move on.

Back to the feel of the movie I would just like to say how nice it was to see them make this movie more like an episode of the old show. How did this feel come about? Well the accelerated comedic moment count was a strong part. Not only was this feel created by comedy but also the dialog. For me i noticed the references back to the old shows when they introduced the character known as Leo Spitz (played by Ramon Rodriguez).
Now the reason he brings a feel of a passed series is, his attitude is almost exact if not perfectly reminiscent back to the Transformers Armada character Carlos (voiced by Matt Hill).
Both characters are belligerent and as ridicules as they come. They are served up: mixed with a hint of cockiness, all wrapped up with a roll of comedy relief. Both characters team up with the main character and fall into traps and have similar expressions to share with the audience. The only real difference in the two is the absence of Mini Cons. Mini Cons are small living tools of the Auto Bots that combine with them to accelerate the effectiveness of their weapons. In Carlos's world they play a key part to his survival and rides one that transforms into a skateboard.

This movie has allot of things that help revieal the feel oldschool feel. Now its time for you to get out there and check this FRESH film out for yourself.

And check out the Kid Cudi's new single with video for Transfomers: Rise of the Fallen.

Natey Fresh