Monday, June 22, 2009


Altamont and its apparel, is something I really have wanted to talk about. See with Altamont, its not about becoming the biggest or the best clothing company by means of business and stepping on the little guy. The elements that put together Altamont, revolve around people doing what they love. People doing what they love means they could be Artists (like myself), Skaters, Designers or Musicians and they take that dream and use it for their career. This stand point in my mind is one of the most beautiful things in the world, in my eyes. See to me this company is a very good example, of what a FRESH clothing should be. The company is brought together by people doing something FRESH in other words... Not like the normal. They make me feel like theirs hope for the future of FRESH, with the way their taking care of business. I only hope one day I can be in league with this team of TRUE FRESH KIDS.

Check out the future!!

Natey Fresh


Umsteigen brings you woman's clothing, with a fun wearable creative art feel. Susanne Schubert is the founder of this movement in artsy, indie like clothing. She began the Designing and creating in Montreal then moved on to the busy pastures of New York.
The clothing is very fashionable, it will have FRESH girls clamoring for some of these products.

Check this stuff out!

Natey Fresh

The Seventh Letter

The Seventh Letter (The 7th Letter) is a clothing brand with many a unique design and a FRESH feel expressed through graffiti and strictly imaginative design. The team that creates these products is a multitalented group of individuals broght together, to bring you something imaginitive. The clothing is something that leaves you walking out of the store with a new shirt, feeling like you just left a art gallery with a work of art. The street kids and the eligant need to make way and look out for this stuff, cause it hits... it's gonna make a impact in a big way.

Check out the movement!!

Natey Fresh

Alphanumeric Clothing

Alphanumeric (A#) is a Fresh company, that helped lay down some of the roots or urban streetwair (Which I would rather refer to as FRESH clothing. The idea of the clothing came from, a carefully yet dangerously mixed recipe of: Skate, Surf and various other sweet things. The company has a skate team that loves to get down on the ramps. You can catch em skatin street or vert and they consist of: Forrest Kirby, Walker Ryan, Tom Remillard and Anthony Williams. [Check these boys out, by clicking their names.] All around I would say these boys know how to keep it fresh, so get out there and check out Alphanumeric Clothing.

Check these boys out.

Natey Fresh

Yung LA - Futuristic Love

Yung La's back with a new hit but is this new hit video too confusing for audiences? its feel is supposed to represent the possibility that Yung La's orange ride had time travel capability, to take him back to the 90's. He goes back and flirts with allot of random chicks basically and shows off his phone to one. However this video could be easily misrepresented, as it might look like Yung La is driving around in a nice new car hitting on prostitutes dressed like they bought their outfits from another decade... FRESH? or FAIL?

Natey Fresh

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hot Chip

This guy brings a unique feel to the music scene, with his out of the ordinery FRESH sound and look. He uses youtube as a important spot to promote his crazy videos.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This is a piece of free lance art I did, for someone who helped me out by giving me allot of tips about how to talk to musicians. That someone was musician Kim Leoni, she was nice to me and even told me some stories about her tours. For what she taught me, I owe her some props! Kim leoni you are a FRESH girl, keep doing what you're doing.


Natey Fresh.

Monday, June 15, 2009


These FRESH kids are getting down with their new dance... However we'll it take over the summer? Do you think this is the next soulja boy? To me this dance seems like the black version of 2 steping to hardcore music, just check out what their wearing... Yeah it's fresh but check out the checkard patterns and tight pants and neon colors. Is fresh on the way to becoming the same thing as Scene??

Compare the two styles for yourself!
Scene = FRESH


One of the vices of my life if you don't know me, just happens to be Youtube videos. One of my favorite Youtube video creators is a fellow FRESH kid by the name of ''Bongo Boy''. He goes everywhere and I pretty much mean EVERYWHERE, just to show you the freshest clothing out right now. Bongo Boy is known for his interviews with everyone from Nick Diamond to Jeff Staple to Terry Kennedy. In the world of freshness this kids gotta have a crown and he certainly isn't a clown. I first stumbled upon Bongo while watching his review of a Kid Robot clothing store opening. He uses a very nice camera for an almost unbelievable high definition quality videos and a microphone to capture the sound. You get each word matched with the high quality of the video making you feel almost like your in the room of the interview. You can bet as I continue to work on this blog we will be seeing many a video from Bongo Boys youtube account.

Check him out on youtube kids!

Natey Fresh


Straight from the minds of Nooka Watches, comes the new "Zub 20mm Zenv." Its a amazingly unique way to measure time, instead of using the normal dial or boring rectangle to stare at. The way it works is you actually read it from left to right, beginning with hours. So this would be read horizontally: Hours 1-6 and hours 7-12. For the Minutes we have 1-59 then for seconds we have a small window above the indicator of what day of the week it is. The watch also features: Chronograph, Alarm and water resistance. The watch is just all around FRESH, a rather high price for even higher sweetness in my book.


Natey Fresh.


Creep Street, a clothing company on the rise released a new tee of recent. The graphic lays down, shocking text reading: "No You Be There!" With a nice 80's feel, that is always essential to any truly fresh article of clothing... This tee shirt is a FRESH kids must!

Get this stuff!

Natey Fresh

New Blog.. New Site.. Feelin Tight!

The name is Natey Fresh and some of you may know I had a small blog site before, however this site is for real. I have been meaning to make a site about my work and the work of others, locally and far away. so now is the time to shine, I'm gonna be posing about: music, fashion, art and who knows what else is gonna come along.. What I do know is you better subscribe, cause this is gonna get tight! Keep an eye out for me fresh kids!!!

Natey Fresh.