Monday, June 15, 2009


One of the vices of my life if you don't know me, just happens to be Youtube videos. One of my favorite Youtube video creators is a fellow FRESH kid by the name of ''Bongo Boy''. He goes everywhere and I pretty much mean EVERYWHERE, just to show you the freshest clothing out right now. Bongo Boy is known for his interviews with everyone from Nick Diamond to Jeff Staple to Terry Kennedy. In the world of freshness this kids gotta have a crown and he certainly isn't a clown. I first stumbled upon Bongo while watching his review of a Kid Robot clothing store opening. He uses a very nice camera for an almost unbelievable high definition quality videos and a microphone to capture the sound. You get each word matched with the high quality of the video making you feel almost like your in the room of the interview. You can bet as I continue to work on this blog we will be seeing many a video from Bongo Boys youtube account.

Check him out on youtube kids!

Natey Fresh

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