Thursday, July 9, 2009

Transformers kicks it old school? (A movie review)

Transformers 2 involved a different feel, then the first. This movie plays out more like an episode of the lovable old school show then, a sequel to last summers block buster.

The new characters of this movie bring plenty of entertainment to this flick but also a dose of stupidity. The new Decepticons include:

Sound Wave
who is a being massive in proportion and takes over a satellite in space, to help relay positions and information.

The Doctor (or Scalpel) Is obviously the medic of the team and is small and reminiscent of a spider.

But most importantly... The Fallen. Not only is the reason for the title Revenge Of The Fallen, but he is also the true leader of the Decepticons. Even Megatron (voiced by Hugo Weaving - The Matrix) bows down to this new boss.

Now there allot of other new Transformers but I don't wanna give away any surprise appearances so Ill move on.

Back to the feel of the movie I would just like to say how nice it was to see them make this movie more like an episode of the old show. How did this feel come about? Well the accelerated comedic moment count was a strong part. Not only was this feel created by comedy but also the dialog. For me i noticed the references back to the old shows when they introduced the character known as Leo Spitz (played by Ramon Rodriguez).
Now the reason he brings a feel of a passed series is, his attitude is almost exact if not perfectly reminiscent back to the Transformers Armada character Carlos (voiced by Matt Hill).
Both characters are belligerent and as ridicules as they come. They are served up: mixed with a hint of cockiness, all wrapped up with a roll of comedy relief. Both characters team up with the main character and fall into traps and have similar expressions to share with the audience. The only real difference in the two is the absence of Mini Cons. Mini Cons are small living tools of the Auto Bots that combine with them to accelerate the effectiveness of their weapons. In Carlos's world they play a key part to his survival and rides one that transforms into a skateboard.

This movie has allot of things that help revieal the feel oldschool feel. Now its time for you to get out there and check this FRESH film out for yourself.

And check out the Kid Cudi's new single with video for Transfomers: Rise of the Fallen.

Natey Fresh

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