Monday, July 20, 2009

Altamont Summer Stunna*Wear Pt. 2

Were are back with another, Altamont clothing filled list of FRESH gear. We start this list off with an essential accessory for any hustler to get his or her grind on... a Backpack.


The Altamont satchel isn't like the bag your mom and dad took to school. This pack has a traditional feel incorporated with different material and design.

The baggage is made with a custom trim and as any good luggage for carrying the work, has many pockets. The bag is made from 100% cotton and is available in two colors: Khaki and Army (shown in picture).


Davis 09

So its a hot summer day... Your sick of rockin' your athletics and your tan khakis, have gotten too dirty and your mom wont wash em cause, she says you're old enough to try.. Just then you come across your Altamont Davis 09 shorts!

These shorts come in a few different colors, have a purple emrboiderd waistband also a custom trim kit. pockets, belt loops and etc. Are of course included. To complete the shorts we have the signature Altamont tag at the bottom of the left pant leg, showing you whose responsible for getting this kid fly.

Cop EM!!!

Stacked Logo Chest

The Stacked Logo Chest is another simple, yet crazy fly number from Altamont. The graphic is the Altamont signature text, over the chest (on the right side). The shirt comes in one color (purple as is shown) and has a normal fit. Don't forget that Altamont tag, at the bottom of the shirt.

This tee is just a great shirt for summer coolin out.
It reminds me of surf style from the old school, like the way old skate team shirts looked. Get this shirt and let's mix a little bit of the old school, with new school FRESHNESS.

Get it kids!!

Natey Fresh

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