Monday, July 13, 2009

Altamont Summer Stunna*wear Pt.1


You know you gotta start out your hot sunny day of summer, with your head
chillin' under some FRESH gear. Why not make your lid a stunna fresh cap from Altamont Apparel?

Yeah I know its a fitted cap, whats the big deal..? Well hold up kid because it's not just about the cap its about the print. this lids print sais "Altamont" on the front using their unique style of going at things, to show off their name with a graffiti look. the two levels of text said to me: "Forget about the small text, were too big for one line kid!" Cop this hat to show off your FRESH kids!! In Black, Red or Royal!!


You know you gotta rock a fly t-shirt that matches your cap, when your just chillin' with: the ladies, your boys or on your grind.

The Altamont Unsricbble 2 is a FRESH shirt that feature that classic unique graffiti again but this time its placed over a grey outline. The grey outline for my gives it a more sketched look like paint meets street. The sketchy feel over a FRESH shade of blue makes the graphic pop out at you and make you stop and say: "hold up a sec... This kid looks like, hes rockin' custom swag!" But its not custom its just that real feel we love from Altamont Apparel dude!

Cop this!!

The B. Herman Cord Wilshire's

Personally I like to wair shorts in summer but most of the time I just kick it with some pants on.

So if your feeling what I'm saying, your gonna wanna rock some FRESH slacks, am I right? You know I am so its time to get yourself some B. Herman's! Corduroy, 98% cotton and even come with a coin pocket!

Yeah I said a coin pocket... Now if your about to go ahead and hate and be like: "Who cares about a coin pocket?!" then get the heck out of here!! Its just another way of Altamont showing they know whats up.

Step up your fresh kids and get yourself some B. Hermon's ASAP! (That's A.S.A.P. Meaning: Always Shop Altamont Please!) Upgrade your lower half with THESE!

That's all for this Altamont Summer Stunna*wear Article look forward to more all summer and check out the revolution at Altamont Apparel!!!

Natey Fresh

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